Why Outsource with Alliance Billing Solutions

Improving your bottom line....

With the ever-changing regulatory framework and new policies underway with PDGM, it can be very costly to only hire professionals when it comes to administrators and clinical personnel, yet leave one of the most vital aspects of your agency to chance.   ​


Outsourcing billing duties to an experienced service has many advantages.  We have decades of experience and a passion for making a difference for quality conscious home health agencies.  Our goal is to have a positive influence on  workflow and cash flow. As a third-party professional billing source you can count on:

  • The ability to handle more complex billing issues

  • Understanding the multi-faceted Managed Care process 

  • Faster reimbursement 

  • Proven Increased cash flow

  • Administrative costs savings by more than 30% (Taxes, insurance, Worker’s Comp, vacation, holiday, and sick pay)

  • Our ability to read trends for better planning

  • Reduced stress, increased productivity

  •  ABS providing an on-site presence by working closely with key staff