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 BILLING Services

Alliance provides full service claim management services.  We evaluate your current processes and collaborate with your key personnel for the best path forward. 

This is what the full-service approach looks like...

  • Provide electronic claim submission to Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and various commercial insurances

  • Perform pre-billing technical audits when electronically available.  

  • Post payments, work unpaid claims on receivable report until fully processed.

  • Manage complex adjustments, MSP related issues, rejections, and appeals.

  • Followed each claim through the entire claim cycle to ensure an optimal rate of reimbursement.

  • We are qualified and knowledgeable about many aspects of the revenue cycle, from admission to complete reconciliation!  

For more information click SOLUTIONS.


Home health is a unique industry in many ways.  Most distinct are the financial reporting and billing aspects compared to other healthcare fields. Our goal is to troubleshoot internal and external procedural problems which may be impacting your agencies revenue cycle.  Additionally, we analyze claims data for agency planning and budget projections.  

Whatever challenges you face or foresee, sometimes a fresh look or a little guidance is all you need.  Occasionally, a full audit or complete review and redirect is necessary.

We offer consultation services to analyse your claims process, help pinpoint procedural problems, then create the best SOLUTIONS  for your agency.


EVERY dollar counts when it comes to meeting an agency's budget!  We assist with technical audits on unbilled claims to help determine why billing has not been completed.  We also analyze your denials, rejections, and unpaid claims on your A/R reports and pursue payments from all payers.

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