Home health is a unique industry in many ways.  Most distinct are the financial reporting and billing aspects compared to other healthcare fields. Our goal is to troubleshoot internal and external procedural problems which may be impacting your agencies revenue cycle.  Additionally, we analyze claims data for agency planning and budget projections.  

    Whatever challenges you face or foresee, sometimes a fresh look or a little guidance is all you need.  On some occasions, a full audit or complete overhaul is necessary.

    We offer consultation services to analyse your claims process, help pinpoint procedural problems, then create the best SOLUTIONS for your agency.

    Does your agency have uncollected revenue left on the table?

    EVERY penny counts when it comes to meeting agency budgets!

    We investigate the past 12 months of all Medicare patient’s serviced to find and recover unpaid or underpaid revenue.  Alliance has recovered revenue in 100% of all agencies contracted…from $10k – over $200k! We charge NO UP-FRONT FEES  for this premier service. The money that is collected is NOT money you would have otherwise earned.  For some agencies, it's like a treasure - waiting to be found! 

    Obtaining this service is very easy and the process can begin in as little as 1 day!  Don't delay, for everyday can leave claims outside of the one year timely filing limit and unrecoverable. 


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