Revenue Cycle Management | BILLING Services

    Alliance provides full service claim management services.  We evaluate your current processes and, with your key personnel, collaborate the best path forward.  This is what the full-service approach looks like...

    • Provide electronic claim submission to Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and various commercial insurances

    • Perform pre-billing technical audits when electronically available.  

    • Post payments, work unpaid claims on receivable report until fully processed.

    • Manage complex adjustments, MSP related issues, rejections, and appeals.

    • Followed each claim through the entire claim cycle to ensure an optimal rate of reimbursement.

    • We are qualified and knowledgeable about many aspects of the revenue cycle, from admission to complete reconciliation!  

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    Training Services

    Alliance Billing Solutions offer two training courses for your billing staff.  Remotely or face to face...our site or yours.  

    Home health work-flow. 

    Basic documentation workflow as it directly and indirectly relates to the billing process.

    Beginner Home Health Biller Training. 

    A comprehensive  1-1/2 day full Medicare billing training course for the biller new to home health. 

    Course study Includes:

    • Concepts and Terminology

    • Online Eligibility Verification  

    • Details of RAP and Final Claim filing

    • DDE Claim Corrections, Adjustments, Cancellations

    • Much more!

    Whether your staff is new to the industry or encountering complex billing issues and need additional support...we are here!

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